Tribrid NVR by Genesis CCTV

with Robust Analytics Reporting

Genesis CCTV Video Analytics gives you the power to improve the sales, security, and operational performance of your business.

Intelligent Tribrid Surveillance
that helps your bottom-line.
Tribrid NVR with Robust Video Analytics

Intelligent Surveillance Solutions from Genesis CCTV gives retailers the power to deliver proactive loss prevention, reduce shrinkage, boost profitability and optimize customer service.

Compatible IP Cameras

Business Intelligence Application

  • Quickly analyze customer traffic flow (peak time) in the store
  • Identify hot zones and hot products in the store
  • Differentiate children from adults among customers
  • Differentiate customer’s genders and profiles
  • Evaluate in-store marketing activities

Efficient In-Store Staff Arrangement

  • Timely allocate on-site staff to hot zones
  • Improve sales services and marketing support
  • Reduce labor waste in some areas

Improve Customer Services & Satisfaction

  • Instantly learn the in-store people flow and adjust air conditioning
  • Monitor queue length to reduce customer’s wait time at check-out
  • Proper staff approach to the customers in crowds who need help

In-Store Human Property and Assets Protection

  • For public safety and security, retailers can count on our Retail Solution for awareness of situational incidents, such as loss prevention, suspicious objects, flame and smoke accident and so forth.
  • Real-time video recording can be presented as forensic evidence

Business Intelligence

  • 3D People Counter
  • 2D People Counter
  • Access Counter: identify hot zones in the store
  • Face/Gender Detection: detects human faces and genders
  • Queue Length Monitoring: estimate the number of customers in queue and their wait time
  • Data Analyzer: generates traffic reports for counter products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Security & Surveillance

  • Flame & Smoke Detection
  • Missing & Left Object Detection: sends notifications if any existing/unattended object is missing/left for a period of time
  • Secure Zone Detection: alarms when intrusions occur in one or more predefined forbidden zones
  • Scene Change Detection: alarms when the camera lens are covered, sprayed, defocused, or the camera is repositioned
  • POS Integration
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