Meet the Titan DVRT

The first fully integrated solution combining surveillance with alarm monitoring.
Titan's modular system combines: Alarm Control Panel, Digital Video Recorder, Video Alarm Verification, Virtual Keypad, 2 Way Audio, PTZ Controller, Remote Access, Mobile Management, and Intelligent Video Analytics.

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Seamless Integration
Alarm, Audio, Video, and Access Control through a single wall-mounted device, delivering an all-in-one solution for alarm/video verification, and remote automation.

Cost Effecient
Intelligent video features combine CCTV Surveillance, Alarm Notification, and Video Transmission enabling users to customize and automate their facilities.

Intelligent Centralized Surveillance Compatibility
Real-time Event Monitoring & Notification, Titan DVRT Health Management, Limitless DVRT Management.

Remotely Schedule Backup
Enterprise CMS software allows configuration of automated, remote backup schedules.

Key Features

Remote Relay Control
Arm/Disarm alarms, lock/unlock doors, turn lights on/off, and search/pla live video via mobile devices and phones.

Proactive Video Monitoring
Real-Time Event Notifications, Video Verification, and False Alarm Dismissal for multiple locations

2-Way Audio Communication
Allows you to take more control over surveillance areas for talking down intruders in real-time.

Multi-Platform Compatibility
Mac OX6, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian OS

PTZ Camera Control
Remotely monitor, control, preset, and configure patterns and tours.

Access Control Interconnectivity
With major manufacturers of access control and alarm panels such as: Lenel, RF Logics, and Bosh.