Uses an Unshielded Twisted Pair cable (UTP, like CAT5, to transmit full motion camera video signal in B&W up to 2000ft/600m and in color up to 1200ft/400m

  • Surge/Lightning Protection: 10/700 Pulses: 2KV
  • ESD: Contact Discharge: 6KV/Air Discharge: 8KV
  • Wave/Interference Rejection & Noise Filter: Built-in Filter: 0~6HMz
  • Interference Rejection <60b
  • Passive, no power required
  • Fast, easy installation, saving time and money
  • Substantial savings on the cost of the cable itself
General Specifications
Video Input / Output BNC Male to 2 push pin terminal
Surge Protections Video Output Protection: 2KV (common mode), 10/700μs, VTB-PASSIVE/1955 (GB/T 1726, 5-1999) Video Input Protection Over Current: 100mA
ESD Contact Discharge: 6KV / Air Discharge: 8KV, Standard: IEC61000-4-2
Interference Rejection Built-in Filter: 0~6HMz with Extra Interference Rejection less than 60db
Filter Protection Rejection less than 60db
Video Signal 3.5" Wide
Transmission Distance 2000ft / 600m (B&W), 1200ft / 400m (Color)
Cable UTP: Twisted Pair CAT5 (AWG24)

Environmental Specifications
Power No Power Required

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W)x(D)x(H) 15 x 19 x 54mm
Product Specification Sheet Download