The VTB-Active video receiver is a one channel active that allows reception of real-time monochrome (B&W) or color video via unshielded UTP cable. The unit receives one channel of video from transmitters with screw type terminals available for connections and provides one pair of BNC video output.

  • Transmit a full motion color video signal up to 4000ft/1200m and a B&W video signal up to 8000ft/2400m
  • Supports all bandbase signals including PAL, NTSC, SECAM
  • Signal Transmission via UTP cable
  • Transmission signal 1Vpp Composite Video
  • Built-in transient protection and ground lifting, which eliminates damaging voltage spike problems
  • Built-In Filter: 0~6MHz
  • Video receiving connectors with screw type terminals
  • Two BNC Video Output
  • Red LED: Power on/off
  • Yellow LED: Signal
  • Power supplied 12vDC
General Specifications
Supporting Video Mode All Baseband Signals including PAL, NTSC, SECAM
Signal Band 250MHz (-3dB)
Balance Band 0~6MHz
Maximum Transmission Distance Color 4000ft / 1200m, B/W 8000ft / 2400m
Interference Rejection Greater than 75dB
Video Output Connectors 2 Female BNC, Resistance 75 Ohms
Connector for UTP Transmission Screw Terminal Set, Resistance 50 Ohms
Video Output Protection 2KV (common mode), 10/700μs / IEC6100-4 2/1955 (GB/T 1726, 5-1999)
Video Input Protection 2KV (different mode), 2KV (common mode) / IEC6100-4 2/1955 (GB/T 1726, 5-1999)
Video Input Protection (Over Current) 100mA
Adjusting Switches 4 Blue Adjusting Switches per Channel
Adjusting Categories Categories: 0~600M, 600~900M, 900~1200M, >1200M
Power LED Red
Signal LED Yellow
MTBF 30,000+ Hours
Adaptive Voltage Arrange 12V DC
Power Consumption Less that 100mw

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 32°F ~ 122°F / 0°C ~ 50°C
Relative Humidity 0~95%
Storage Temperature -40F ~ 302°F / -40°C ~ 150°C

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) 115 x 83 x 22 mm
Material Metal
Color Black
Weight 190 g
Product Specification Sheet Download