Day & Night Varifocal Lense

  • Enhanced for Day/Night Viewing
  • Varifocal Length: 3 – 8mm
Focal Length 3 - 8mm
Max Relative Aperature 1:1.2
Iris F1.2 - 360 (With ND Spot Filter)
Angular Field of View 92.5X68.5 deg.at 3mm 35.6X26.7 deg.at 8mm
Image Format 4.8X3.6mm(D6mm)
Minimum Object Distance 0.3m(From Front Vertex)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 63.1X40.4cm at 3mm 19.3X 14.3cm at 8mm
Optical Back Focal Distance 7.25 - 12.81mm(In Airs)
Flange Back 12.5mm
Operation Focus: Manual Zoom: Manual Iris: IG(Auto Close System)
Mount CS-Mount (Adjustable Lens Position)

Operation Voltage Close to Open : Less than 4.0V Open to Close : More than 0.5V
Operating Temp. -10º to +50º C

Dimensions 36mm x 43mm x 46mm
Weight 63g
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